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Epix found actors to film Stephen King's short story

Image The Epix project, which remained until recently unnamed, based on Stephen King's story “The Settlement of Jerusalem”, is finally acquiring more details. The series will hit TV screens in fall 2020 under the Chapelwaite title, starring Adrian Brody (The Pianist) and Emily Hampshire (Shitts Creek).

The events of the show began in the 1850s, when Captain Charles Boone (Brody), after the death of his wife, was forced to move with his three children to the family estate in the sleepy little town of Pricher Corners, Maine. Soon, the hero will have to face the dirty secrets of the family and join the fight against the darkness that has been poisoning the life of the Boons for several generations.

Emily Hampshire will play Rebecca Morgan, an ambitious young woman who left Pricher Corners, went to college, and returned home with a mission to write a story for a prestigious magazine. The creative stagnation ends when Boone appears in town with the children, and despite her mother's protests, she is hired as the manager of the infamous Chapelwaite estate to oversee the Boon and record their history. In the process, Rebecca not only manages to create a real gothic romance, but also unravel the mystery of her own family.


The last film with Brody's participation was released in 2018, but the actor has big plans for the current year: work on the films Clean and "The French Dispatcher" has already been completed, and three more projects are in the post-production stage. Hampshire joined Brody after finishing filming on Shitts Creek and the thriller Home. In the near future, the actress can be seen in the horror anthology of Sam Raimi "50 States of Fear" on the Sky channel.

Filming of the film adaptation of Stephen King's story will begin in April.

Source: Deadline

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