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Anna Kendrick's Imperfect Rumor

Image Pitch Perfect star Anna Kendrick starred in the crime thriller Unsound, which will be directed by Emmy, Golden Globe and BAFTA nominee Bharat Nalluri. Matthew Ross and Christopher Edwards worked on the script of the project, who have not distinguished themselves in anything yet.

The Oscar-nominated actress will play a police officer assigned to investigate the case of a gang leader who escaped from prison. In her private time, the girl goes to the doctors, trying to understand why she is losing her hearing. As she plunges into the most difficult case in her career, the main character realizes that a large-scale conspiracy looms on the horizon that could end her career, and given her health, so does her life.

Anna recently completed filming for a project called Stowaway, and this fall, the actress will appear in The Day Shall Come and Noelle from Disney +. Bharat Nalluri is famous for such films as "The Man Who Invented Christmas" and "Miss Pettigrew Lives One Day.

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