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Casting: Dinklage to Avengers Showdown, Kendrick to Santa

Image As reported by Variety , Game of Thrones star (Game of Thrones) Peter Dinklage is eyeing a key role for Avengers: War Infinity " .

Filming for the seventh season of Westeros has recently ended, and since production of the eighth will only begin this fall, Peter has a free window in his schedule. The main work on Infinity War is scheduled for the coming summer.

Kevin Feige & Co. are planning to produce the next two Avengers films in the same shooting period. As you know, this practice allows significant savings. The character Dinklage is expected to appear in both parts, but there is no word yet on what role he will play.

As for the plot, at the moment it is only known that it will revolve around the confrontation of all the coolest superheroes on Earth and the strongest villain Thanos . The directors of the film will be the Russo brothers, who directed the second and third parts of The First Avenger. The release of the fantastic action movie is scheduled for May 2018.


Peter Dinklage has already appeared in one of the film adaptations of the Marvel comics - in the movie "X-Men: Days of Future Past." There, the actor played Dr. Bolivar Trask .

Anna Kendrick is preparing to act as Santa Claus in female form - the star of "Pitch Perfect" has been offered a role in the film Nicole . The details of the plot are kept secret, it is only known that the whole action will revolve around a festive family trip, one of the attributes of which will be the appearance of a female version of Santa Claus .


It will be directed by Nicole Mark Lawrence , known for the comedies "The Morgan Spouses on the Run" and "Out of Sight - Out, Out of the Chart!" He also prepared the script for the future film. The film will be produced by Suzanne Todd, who worked with Tim Burton on Alice in Wonderland, and Disney will take over the production burden.

The deadline for work on Nicole has not yet been announced, but the Motor! Team is unlikely. will sound before Anna Kendrick finishes filming the third part of Pitch Perfect , which is slated to world premiere this December.

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