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Fox is thinking about sequels to Deadpool and Fantastic Four

Image Even before the shooting of the new " Fantastic Four " studio, 20th Century Fox hastened to set the premiere of the sequel to the blockbuster superhero for the summer of 2017. Then the studio bosses could hardly have imagined that Joshua Trank's film would be crushed by critics and would not be able to reach the level of self-sufficiency.

Many experts agree that the return of the rights to the famous comic book heroes of the Marvel studio may be the salvation for the franchise. However, in an interview with MTV reporters today, Simon Kienberg producer hastened to announce that Fox bosses have no intention of abandoning the series.

First and foremost, we care about the opinion of comic fans, - said Kinberg . -Most of all I was disappointed that “ Fantastic Four ” didn't like them. Can't figure out what went wrong. I happened to be on such sets, where there was simply an amazing atmosphere, but the tapes ended up being unsuccessful. Sometimes, and vice versa: the film team could not find a common language, but the final result exceeded all expectations. Making a movie is not easy, especially when so much attention is riveted on your project. We really tried to make a good film, and I believe we succeeded. ”


Kienberg did not explain the meaning of the last phrase. There is a possibility that the studio not only acknowledged the mistake of interfering with the work of Joshua Trank , but is also ready to release the director's cut, which caused a huge scandal between the filmmaker and the studio bosses. “I'd like to see the sequel to Fours ”. At the moment, the management of the film company is thinking about what it could be, ”added the producer. Earlier there were rumors that the second part could be entrusted to Brian Singer.


According to insiders, the place of " Fantastic Four 2 " in the release schedule of studio Fox may take the sequel " Deadpool ". “We are discussing the prospects for creating the second part about the adventures of Wade Wilson , - noted Simon . - Fox Studio believes in the success of “ Deadpool ”. I hope we can start working on the second part before the movie is released.”.


Deadpool is set to premiere on February 11, 2016 .

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Author: Jake Pinkman