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Fantastic Four will be reclassified as nannies

Image Late last week, Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige admitted that comic book fans should not hope that Spider-Man will soon be followed by Spider-Man , Fantastic four . Despite the high-profile failure of the latest blockbuster about the adventures of the famous superhero team, 20th Century Fox has no intention of making a deal with Marvel yet. Hollywood insiders have even speculated that the bosses of Fox will decide on another reboot of the franchise, just to extend the rights to use popular comic characters in their films.

As it turned out, the studio management already has a plan to save the film series. Bleeding Cool shares rumors that 20th Century Fox may make the new “ Fantastic Four ” a children's movie. The studio executives are currently reviewing Seth Graham-Smith's script proposal (Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, The Lego Movie: Batman), which has earned a flattering comparison to Pixar's The Incredibles.

The details of the plot of the film are still kept secret. It is only known that Graham-Smith suggested to the bosses of Fox the idea to place the children of Reed Richards and Sue Storm at the center of the narrative - Franklin and Valery . Rumor has it that viewers may also look forward to meeting Johnny Storm and Ben Grimm .


Hollywood insiders are still at a loss to say if the leadership of Fox is ready to return to the familiar images of the cast members of the " Fantastic Four " 2015. It is possible that we are talking about a complete reboot of the franchise.

Officials from the studio 20th Century Fox have so far refrained from comment.

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Author: Jake Pinkman