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Maniac Policeman will take over the old

Image In April 2012, Nicholas Winding Refn ("Drive") announced his desire to reshoot the horror "Police Maniac", but over the years, the tape has not been able to go into work. The renowned filmmaker did not give up, continuing to seek funding to create a remake of the famous slasher.

According to Deadline , Refn managed to reach an agreement with Vendian Entertainment and Wild Bunch Studios, which gave the long-awaited green light to the new " Maniac policeman ", acquiring in exchange the right to be the first to receive further projects of his company Space Rocket Nation for consideration.

The original film was released in 1988. The horror film received mixed reviews from critics and failed to recoup its production costs, but that did not stop it from first gaining cult status from viewers, and then acquiring two sequels.


The remake will take place in Los Angeles, where a series of bloody murders swept through. The police department is trying with all its might to hide the details of the crimes, but one brave law enforcement officer is determined to go against the system in order to get to the bottom of the truth ...

The upcoming film was written by Ed Brubaker (Angel of Death) and directed by John Hyams ( Z Nation ). Refnu will be producing the new " Police Maniac " by the original creator, William Lustig.

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Author: Jake Pinkman