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What will Refn do with Solange?

Image Nicholas Winding Refn decided to add another tape to the list of horror remakes planned by him. As it became known to the site Deadline , the filmmaker is preparing a new version of the movie " What Did They Do with Solange? ", which was released in 1972. Earlier, we recall that we announced the desire of Refna to re-shoot "Maniac Policeman", and after a while the director's eyes fell on the "Grand Inquisitor".

Refna Space Rocket Nation will join forces with the original horror producer Fulvio Lucisano on the new project. It is reported that Nicholas has no plans to lead any of the forthcoming remakes.

The tape "What did they do with Solange?" was based on the detective novel by Edgar Wallace "The Secret of the Pin" .Her action takes place in a girls' gymnasium, where a serial maniac began to operate. When the physical education teacher Enrico Rossini , who was sleeping with one of his students, falls under suspicion, he goes in search of the real killer.It is noteworthy that the music for the original film was written by Ennio Morricone.


In the words of Refna , What Did They Do with Solange? is a delightful Italian Giallo film and one of the best horror films of its time. The paintings of the Giallo subgenre are quite often characterized by a mixture of detective, horror and eroticism.

The preliminary budget for the future remake is estimated at $ 5-10 million . The start date of filming has not yet been determined.

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