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Proxy marriage

Image Endgame Entertainment has begun work on the film adaptation of Mail Mela's short story “ Proxy Marriage ,” published in The New Yorker in 2012. According to The Tracking Board , the film will be written and directed by Oscar nominee for his work on the plot of the dramedy "My Boy" - Peter Hedges .

The main characters of the story area girl Bridey and a guy named William , who have been friends since school. One day they learn that the laws of their native Montana allow for wedding ceremonies, at which one or even both of the spouses may not be present in person. Young people decide to become confidants of military personnel who cannot get married due to the fact that they are on long business trips abroad. William and Bridey do not yet know that helping separated lovers will allow them to finally realize their true feelings for each other ...


Hedges began his screenwriting career in 1993 with an adaptation of his own novel, What's Eating Gilbert Grape, and ten years later he made his directing debut with April Holiday. His track record also includes the films Falling in Love with Brother's Bride and The Strange Life of Timothy Green.


The adaptation of Arranged Marriage will be overseen by Christy Morer, Head of Development for Endgame Entertainment .

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