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”Great and kind giant.” Lonely Heart Trailer

Image The topic of giants in modern family cinema is clearly not revealed. Finally, a director was found who could play with her in such a way that not a single adult could pass by this film for children. Steven Spielberg , based on the book of the famous writer Roald Dahl, shot a luxurious adventure film The Big and Kind Giant , the trailer of which was presented to moviegoers by the studio Disney .

Already from this video alone, it is clear that a fascinating immersion in a fabulous, but looking absolutely real and logical world awaits us, where lanky giants steal little girls at night, but not to scare them, but on the contrary, to shelter and warm a lonely heart ...

In the story, a big and kind giant steals little Sophie from the land of people and takes her to the land of giants. But, unfortunately, not all of his relatives have a good disposition, and such adventures await the two friends ahead of which a young resident of London, being an ordinary person, could not even imagine ...

Big and kind giant
Dubbed trailer

The role of the giant was played by Mark Rylance, the winner of the Oscar for his role in another project of Spielberg - the thriller The Spy Bridge. The film adaptation will open in our cinemas on June 30 .

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