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Cate Blanchett invited to the Marvel Universe

Image Oscar-winning actress Cate Blanchett decided to try her hand at the superhero genre: according to Variety , she is in talks to get the female lead in the blockbuster “ Thor: Ragnarok ". However, the source is silent about what role Blanchett is claiming to be.

Rumors have surfaced recently that Marvel is looking for a high-profile actress to portray the villainess, who could be Amora's Enchantress or Hella, Queen of the Dead . Given that Blanchett still claims to be the female lead, insiders have suggested that she will play Valkyrie . By the way, the rival of the superheroine in the comics was the Enchantress Amora . But so far none of these speculations have been officially confirmed.

New Zealander Taika Cohen is directing the project, and Ragnarok has a new screenwriter last week - Stephanie Folsom. She will have to correct the previous version of the text, written by Christopher Yost and Craig Kyle. Filming of the blockbuster is scheduled to begin next summer.


Cate Blanchett this year appeared in a new version of Cinderella and the critically acclaimed drama Carol, for which the actress was nominated for a Golden Globe . Kate is also planning a painting by Richard Linklater "Where Have You Gone, Bernadette?"

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