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Thor may go to Planet Hulk

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Over the past few years, Mark Ruffalo has taken an active interest in the adaptation of the comic " Planet Hulk ", but insurmountable differences with the leadership of the film company Universal do not allow the studio Marvel start creating a new solo album Hulk . According to the portal Geek , the storyline about the adventures of a green monster on the planet Sakaar can be used in the Torah triquel.

Information about the participation of the Hulk in the plot of the blockbuster " Thor: Ragnarok " appeared in October last year, and a couple of months later, Chris Hemsworth announced to reporters that the creators of the picture are planning to show a new battle of his hero with an angry giant. The last time fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe saw Bruce Banner was in the finale of Avengers: Age of Ultron, when he stole the Quinjet ship and flew off in an unknown direction.


Meanwhile, in Asgard, Loki will join forces with Hella , to the role of which Oscar-winning Cate Blanchett is wooed by insiders. According to rumors, the Queen of the Dead will manage to destroy Mjolnir , after which the Thunder God will be thrown into the battle pits on the planet Sakaar. Tohru will have their head shaved and forced to participate in gladiatorial fights. After a series of victories, he will meet with the strongest fighter of Sakaar - Hulk .


During the battle, the Hulk will remember his teammate on the Avengers team, allowing Bruce Banner to finally take control of the monster. Since Hella will rob Thor of his war hammer, the Thunderer will have to go in search of another weapon. Insiders do not rule out that Thor and Hulk may try to steal the Gauntlet of Infinity from the main antagonist of the Third phase of the MCU development Marvel - Thanos .


Studio officials have yet to comment on rumors about the plot of the " Thor " triquel. It is worth noting that the work on the script for the film has not yet been completed: last month, Stephanie Folsom received the task to rewrite the text of Christopher Yost and Craig Kyle.


The production team, led by Taiki Waititi, expects to begin work on Thor: Ragnarok this summer in Australia. The USA premiere of the blockbuster is scheduled for November 2, 2017 .

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