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Luke Cage has found a ruthless enemy and one-armed assistant

Image Deadline has announced the addition of Theo Rossi to the cast of the superhero series Luke Cage b>and Simone Missick .

Let us remind you that the center of events of the new project of the channel Netflix will be Luke Cage , who was imprisoned on false charges and after an unsuccessful experiment received superpower. Escaping from prison, Luke decides to become a hero-mercenary.The main role in the series went to Mike Coulter, and Cheo Hodaki Coker ("Almost Human" / Almost Human ).

Theo Rossi , known to TV series fans for the biker drama Sons of Anarchy ( Sons of Anarchy ), will be on the other side of the law and in Luke Cage ... The actor will play a character nicknamed Sonny , who is described by the creators of the project as a formidable and ruthless manipulator. Insiders report that the prototype of Sonny is one of the enemies of the title character in the comics Marvel - the famous criminal Shades , aka Alvarez .


The heroine Simone Missick , unlike Sonny , will be an indispensable assistant for Cage . The actress got the role of Missy - a girl with a heightened sense of justice. Again, according to inside information, this character is familiar to lovers of graphic novels as Misty Knight - a New York police officer who, after losing her right arm, left the service and decided to go to private detectives.


Also, the creators of the project announced the appearance in it of Claire Temple performed by Rosario Dawson, already familiar to viewers from the show "Daredevil" ( Daredevil ). This is a completely justified step, since in the original source Claire was Cage's lover .

For the first time, Luke Cage will be featured in another Netflix series, Jessica Jones . Nurse Temple can also be seen there.


In total, Marvel and the online service Netflix are working on four series, each of which will focus on such popular characters as Daredevil , Jessica Jones , Luke Cage and Iron Fist . After appearing in solo films, the heroes will unite in the mini-series "The Defenders" ( The Defenders ).

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