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James McAvoy will immerse himself in love again

Image James McAvoy , brilliantly coping with the roles of hero-lovers ("Atonement", "Jane Austen"), will return to the usual romantic role in the film adaptation of JM Ledgard's novel " Dive ". The portal The Wrap delighted the fans of the actor with such news.

According to the plot,His Majesty the case connects the hearts of the British spy James More ( McAvoy ) and the biomathematics enthusiast Daniel Flinders . Fate, alas, quickly separates the lovers. Soon, the lives of both are completely suspended by a thread - James is captured by the jihad fighters, and Daniel goes on an exciting but extremely dangerous journey in a bathyscaphe to the bottom of the ocean, where she explores various marine fauna. Only the hope of reunification warms the souls of lovers cut off from the world and from each other.


The eponymous romantic thriller will be shot by Wim Wenders, while Erin Dignam is responsible for the script in the project, and Cameron Lamb and Joel Thiebout are listed as producers. The latter represents the company Backup Media , which finances the work on the picture.

As for the leading actor, he will appear on the screens in the film "X-Men: Apocalypse" next spring, and at the end of this month, the actor can be seen in the horror film "Frankenstein". Also in November, work is due to begin on the adaptation of The Coldest City comic novel, in which James will play one of the central characters. Now the Scotsman is filming for M. Night Shyamalan in a thriller called Split.


Filming for Dive will begin in March 2016 and will take place in Europe and Africa.

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