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McAvoy and total darkness. Wim Wenders Dive Trailer

Image "The earth is perishable, and the ocean will never turn to dust ...". We present to your attention the dubbed trailer of the new film of the living classic Wim Wenders "Immersion". The lead roles in the romantic thriller are played by James McAvoy (Split) and Alicia Vikander (Out of the Car).

A beautiful and deep picture of loneliness has already been noted at several festivals, including in Toronto, where it earned conflicting reviews from critics. Some insisted that Wim Wenders didn’t shoot nonsense, others thought that in this particular film his form noticeably prevails over content. Also, the reviewers noted, there is too much blue here.

The plot focuses on the love story of two people belonging to completely different worlds. He is a British intelligence officer who came to Somalia to keep the local terrorists out of their girdles. She is an oceanologist, who studies the bottom and its inhabitants from morning till night. James and Daniel meet at the hotel, where they have come to rest before important business. There the main characters have a whirlwind romance with romantic bathing in the ocean and hot sex scenes outside it, and then James disappears. Something in his mission went wrong, and he was captured, but Danny does not know about this and is confident that her new lover just ran away.

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Our viewers will be able to evaluate the new creation of Wim Wenders on January 18 next year.

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Author: Jake Pinkman