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Hollywood to unveil Tetris

Image While the bosses of the studio Threshold Entertainment are puzzling over how to turn " Tetris " into a sci-fi action, producers Brett Ratner and James Packer decided to make a film about the creator of the famous computer game - Alexei Pajitnova, reports The Tracking Board .

An employee of the A. A. Dorodnitsyn Computing Center wrote " Tetris " in the mid-1980s. Soon, the brainchild of Pajitnov attracted attention from many game developers, one of whom managed to resell the rights to the game even before the deal with the Soviet side. " Tetris " began to be actively released for various types of computers around the world, as a result of which, after a couple of years, several companies declared their rights to the puzzle.

In the late 1980s, Atari and Nintendo corporations fought for the arcade and console versions of Tetris . The latter eventually managed to conclude a contract with the organization " Electronorgtekhnika ", which hastened to declare itself the legal owner. However, this did not prevent Atari in response to the release of the game TETRIS to start selling its own version - TETЯIS ...


Alexey Pajitnov himself began to receive income from " Tetris " only in 1996. In the same year, the authoritative gaming resource GameSpot gave the Soviet programmer the fourth place on the list of the most influential video game developers in history.


Ratner and Packer will be producing the tape through their company RatPac . The project has already earned comparisons with the biographical drama The Social Network, which won three Oscar awards in 2011.

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Author: Jake Pinkman