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The adaptation of Tetris will become a trilogy


The adaptation of the popular game "Tetris" will be an "epic fantasy project" consisting of three parts. Larry Kasanoff, head of the Threshold Entertainment studio, which acquired the rights to the movie adaptation, spoke about this in an interview with EmpireOnline.

"Yes, that's true. Since the story we want to tell the audience is really big. In our case, it's not just a desire to squeeze all the juice out by dividing" the last of eight movies into two episodes. The story is really that significant. " - he commented.

According to Kasanoff, the authors of the project are not going to show the entire movie, "how falling blocks add up in lines." “But it’s great if the audience has this impression so far. There will not be too high expectations,” he added. The head of the studio declined to elaborate, suggesting only to recall the main motto of the game - "create order out of chaos."

Earlier it was reported that the movie adaptation of "Tetris" will be a joint project of Threshold Entertainment and several Chinese companies. The movie's production budget was estimated at $ 80 million.

Let's remind that the game "Tetris" was created by the Soviet programmer Alexey Pajitnov in 1984. An Elektronika 60 computer was used as a base workstation.

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Author: Jake Pinkman