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Taron Edgerton will play Tetris

Image Over the past few years, film adaptations of games have reached a new level and are no longer a priori failures, so Hollywood is reviving long-forgotten projects. Back in 2014, information appeared that the producers were preparing a full-length film based on the popular game "Tetris". It was then positioned as a sci-fi epic, but in the end, work on it stalled.

Now the audience will not be in the game itself, but behind the scenes of its creation. In the works is a biographical drama that tells about the difficult legal struggle that unfolded around "Tetris" in the late 80s. The main role in the film was given to Taron Edgerton ("Kingsman: The Secret Service"). The new project will allow him to work again with Matthew Vaughn, producing the tape about "Tetris". Filming will be directed by John S. Baird (Stan & Ollie).

"Tetris" was born within the walls of the A. A. Dorodnitsyn Computing Center. It attracted the attention of many foreign developers, who started a real war for the rights to use "Tetris". Edgerton will play in the film Henk Rogers, who was directly involved in this struggle. As a result, it was he, together with Alexey Pajitnov, the creator of the original game, who founded The Tetris Company.


Filming is expected to begin in the fall, and if that happens, the drama could premiere at the end of next year.

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