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Gosling may go looking for replicants

Image Ryan Gosling continues to expand his list of future projects. We recently wrote that he can play in Damien Chazelle's musical La La Land and in Guillermo del Toro's horror film "Haunted Mansion". Now The Hollywood Reporter reports that the actor has begun negotiations to star in the Blade Runner sequel. It is not yet known what kind of image was offered to Gosling .

Denis Villeneuve (Captives) is in the director's chair for the new film. And the script was written by Hampton Fancher and Michael Green, who worked on the original painting. Harrison Ford will return to the role of Rick Deckard in the sequel. Bud Yorkin, Andrew Kosow, Broderick Johnson and Ridley Scott will be producing the project. The franchise is owned by Alcon Entertainment , which plans to create both a sequel and prequels for the cult sci-fi thriller.


The plot of the future film is based on an idea that belongs to Fancher and Scott . The events of the picture will unfold several decades after the end of the story of the 1982 tape, in which the hero of Ford had to track down and destroy the escaped replicants.


At the moment, Ryan Gosling is busy filming the drama Big Selling Short. Secret Springs of Financial Disaster ”, where Christian Bale, Brad Pitt and Steve Carell became his colleagues on the set. And soon the actor can be seen in the musical drama "Weightlessness".

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Author: Jake Pinkman