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Recognize Android 30 Years Later

Image Alcon Entertainment and Warner Bros. have finalized the title of the Blade Runner sequel. As reported by Deadline , viewers will see " Blade Runner 2049 ". Painting Denis Villeneuve will be released on screens October 6, 2017 .

The director of the original version, Ridley Scott, announced about five years ago about his desire to make a sequel to the cult film, but soon changed his mind and remained only as a producer. The script for the sequel was written by Hampton Fancher, who also worked on the first " Runner ".

For a long time, the work on the project was covered with a dense veil of secrecy. It is now known that Harrison Ford will play Rick Deckard again, but Ryan Gosling will play the main role. Recall that the star cast of the tape was recently announced - Jared Leto, Robin Wright, Ana de Armas and Mackenzie Davis joined the project. However, their characters and the general plot of the film remain a secret. The only thing that can now be guessed is that the action of the futuristic picture will be transferred from the destroyed Los Angeles of 2019 to 2049.

Also Alcon Entertainment provided the first photograph showing the project members together, apparently in the process of making the film.


The director of the sequel to Denis Villeneuve , according to Scott , was not the only contender for the director's chair. Known for his work "The Enemy" and "The Captives", the Canadian filmmaker is already releasing his new work about the search for contact with a foreign civilization - "Arrival".

As for " Blade Runner ", we recall that the plot basis of the film about the post-apocalyptic future and the fight against androids is the novel of the genius Philip K. Dick " Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep ". The project Scott did not immediately expect massive success: only ten years after its release, in 1992, the director's cut with an open ending was released and gained cult status. And in the opinion of the authoritative edition Guardian , despite the discrepancies with the book Dick , this film is the best science fiction in the history of cinema.

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