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Aliens got deprecated look warning


British pay-TV channel Sky has provided a number of popular movies and cartoons that are considered classics in their genres with special warnings indicating the presence of "outdated views" that may seem "offensive to certain categories of viewers".

The list of such movie projects includes, in particular, the fantastic movie "Aliens", the melodrama "Breakfast at Tiffany's", the comedy "Trading Places", the drama "Lawrence of Arabia", the full-length cartoon "The Jungle Book" and others. It is not specified what exactly might offend viewers.

Recall that earlier streaming service HBO Max removed the movie "Gone With the Wind" from its catalog. He seemed to the company's management to be out of step with the spirit of the times and spreading "racial stereotypes". It was later announced that the masterpiece of world cinema could be returned with the obligatory addition in the form of comments from historians and public figures.

According to the HBO program director, the streaming service wants "people to be able to see what was relevant in that time ", but at the same time" does not want to be seen by children who may not understand the historical context ".

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Author: Jake Pinkman