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An offer you cannot refuse

Image Last October, Robert De Niro expressed the hope that this year Martin Scorsese will get a chance to get off the ground with one of the most famous Hollywood long-term construction - the tape " Irishman "about the life of the hitman Frank Sheeran . According to Deadline , the long-awaited adaptation of Charles Brandt's novel I Heard You Paint Your Homes is closer than ever to finally getting into work.

The rights to the project belong to the bosses of the studio Paramount , but they are ready to involve the company Fabrica de Cine the Mexican financier Gaston Pavlovich in the creation of the film. The latter played an important role in securing the budget for another film Scorsese , which the eminent director could not start production for many years - "Silence". If the deal closes in the coming days, Martin 's team will be able to start looking for distributors for " Irish " for the upcoming Cannes Film Festival .

A crime drama can become almost the main hit of the film market, which is traditionally held during the famous European show. " Irish " will not only be Scorsese and De Niro 's first feature films since Casino, but it will also give the director the first opportunity to work with Al Pacino . For the sake of participating in the new project Martin , Joe Pesci , who announced his retirement from his acting career in 1999, is even ready to return to big cinema.

Movie fans can only hope that Paramount and Fabrica de Cine will find a common language and will be able to provide Scorsese $ 100 -million budget ... According to insiders, the director needs such a substantial amount for expensive computer graphics, with which he hopes to rejuvenate the legendary actors in flashback scenes.

Frank Sheeran became known in the underworld of America under the nickname Irish . By his own admission, he learned to take lives without a twinge of conscience on the fields of World War II. Back in the US, Sheeran took a job as a driver, but soon found his skills and abilities highly regarded in the criminal world. It is generally believed that The Irishman has committed at least 25 contract killings in his life.


Currently, Scorsese is engaged in post-production of the religious drama " Silence ", which many analysts consider to be one of the main favorites of the upcoming film awards season.

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