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The Irishman is born in agony

Image The epic with another Hollywood long-term construction continues: Martin Scorsese , whose religious drama "Silence" we will see at the beginning of next year, according to an exclusive message from Variety , is going to finally start filming the gangster biopic " Irish ".

This was stated by the production designer Dante Ferretti, who had previously collaborated with the master on the sets of Aviator and Keeper of Time.“I don’t want to give anyone any hope, because nothing has been officially signed yet. When we met with Martin , theoretically we agreed to start filming in February-March next year, ”he said.

Not so long ago, there was information about the proposed start of work on a long-term painting. Robert De Niro, who has worked with Scorsese many times, has signed up for the project a long time ago. Later, the legendary Al Pacino and Joe Pesci joined him. At the moment, the participation of the latter, who announced his retirement from the cinema back in 1999, is in doubt.


The screenplay by Stephen Zeillian (Gangs of New York) is based on the novel by Charles Brandt I Heard You Paint Home . It presents the life story of Frank Sheeran , a WWII veteran who became a gangster killer after the war. Among his victims is the head of trade unions and adventurer Jimmy Hoffa.

Hopefully, after the long-awaited release of Silence , Scorsese will not change his mind and will not take a long break from work. As a project in limbo, he still has a film about Frank Sinatra and his connections with the mafia.

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Author: Jake Pinkman