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Scorsese will bring together crime legends

Image In November 2013, Robert De Niro announced that he would star with Martin Scorsese in the crime drama The Irishman , based on Charles Brandt's novel I heard you paint at home ”. There was no news about the project for almost two years, until, in a conversation with journalists Digital Spy , the legendary actor finally shared new details about the progress of work on the long-term construction.

We're going to start filming“ Irish ”next year, noted De Niro . -I'm looking forward to portraying the hitman Frank Sheeran . He has more than 25 victims on his account, among whom were union leader Jimmy Hoffa and New York mobster Joe Gallo . Things are slowly but surely moving in the right direction”.

The duo Scorsese and De Niro have given the world many cult films, but the last time they collaborated in big cinema 20 years ago, when the movie "Casino" was released. This year, Robert and Martin have joined forces on the short film "Test", in which the director's new favorite, Leonardo DiCaprio, became the screen partner of De Niro ...


Oscar winners Al Pacino and Joe Pesci are reported to be joining the cast of " Irish " for Robert .


Fans of De Niro have the opportunity to evaluate the actor's latest film image in the comedy "Trainee", which was released in USA last week.

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Author: Jake Pinkman