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Dark Horse Comics Will Take Over TV

Image As reported by The Hollywood Reporter , Dark Horse and Universal Cable Productions have signed a multi-year deal that will see the two companies work together adaptation of graphic novels Dark Horse .

Projects already in the works include Umbrella Academy ( Umbrella Academy ), Harrow County ( Harrow County ), Concrete and Back Up .

UCP , Dark Horse executives, and comic book creators will take on the concept of new television adaptations. Publishing founder Mike Richardson and vice president Keith Goldberg, by the way, already have experience in producing TV shows. They worked on the TV series "Dark Matter" ( Dark Matter ), also based on the graphic novels Dark Horse .

Let's consider new projects in more detail ...


Harrow County is based on a new comic by Cullen Bunn , which was released in May this year.At the center of events is Emma , who, shortly before her 18th birthday, learns that she is strangely connected with ghosts, goblins and the souls of the dead that inhabit the forests near her home. It turns out that Emma is the reincarnation of a powerful witch who was killed on the girl's birthday. For this reason, city dwellers intend to deal with the main character, and in order to survive, she will have to cope with her own supernatural powers.

ImageThe authors of the graphic novel The Umbrella Academy are Gerard Way and Gabriel Ba .After nine years of separation, members of Umbrella Academy - families of superheroes with incredible powers - must find a way to save humanity.Previously, Universal had planned to create a full-length film adaptation comic.

The Back Up project is based on the script for a feature film written by Tom Vaughn .According to the plot, in the near future, technology is able to create a backup copy of a person that protects him from death.Brad Anderson is aiming for the director's chair of the project, Kenny Goldie will rewrite the script and, together with Jim Vedda, will take on the functions of executive producer.

Finally, the Paul Chadwick Concrete comic, which won the Eisner Award ,talks about Ronald Lithgow , the soul which is carried into the body of a huge monster made of cement. The hero will have to get used to his new appearance and try to live a normal life.


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