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Stargate Creators Filming Dark Matter Comic


The Syfy channel continues to explore outer space. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Syfy has acquired the rights to the thirteen-part drama Dark Matter, based on the graphic novels of Dark Horse.

"Dark Matter" was created by Stargate SG-1 creators Joseph Mallosi and Paul Mulli featuring Prodigy Pictures. The events in "Dark Matter" focus on the crew of an abandoned spaceship, whose members wake up from sleep and cannot remember who they are or how they got on board. Faced with the dangers that lie in wait for them at every turn, they must act in concert to survive a journey full of revenge, betrayal and secrets.

Jay Fyastone, Mallosie, Mulli and Vanessa Piazza have been appointed executive producers of the series, which will be distributed worldwide by Endemol Worldwide Distribution.

The graphic novel "Dark Matter", a four-issue series, was published in 2012. From the beginning, Mallosi and Mulli envisioned it as a television series.

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Author: Jake Pinkman