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Bill Skarsgard talks about filming the sequel to It

Image The question of who will play the grown-up members of the Losers' Club in the second part of "It" gave the casting directors a lot of problems, because it is not a matter of finding actors in whom, despite the past 27 years, the traits of the characters they all love will be guessed lungs. With the role of Pennywise, everything was initially clear, because he is not a person, but pure evil, timeless. For this reason, Bill Skarsgard will return to the image of the sinister clown in the second part. In an interview with Collider about the upcoming Castle Rock series, he talked about how the work on the image of Pennywise in the sequel is going, and also shared his impressions of the new cast.

On the killer clown: “When the shooting of the first part began, no one knew how I would play Pennywise. And I didn’t know if I would succeed, how people would react to it. In general, I was very worried. At the same time, it was cool because I just did my own thing and nobody told me how I should play. I only thought that I needed to abstract myself from the image of Tim Curry and come up with my own scary and strange things ...


However, since the first film adaptation of It, Pennywise has become a star. Now you can see a bunch of posts on Instagram where people dress their children in the costumes of a sinister clown for Halloween, even LeBron James dressed in him. And when I read the new script, I was amazed at how many character details did not have to come up with. I was immediately able to embody his image, as if only yesterday we finished shooting the first part
. ”


On working with the new cast: “Now that there is no filming, I spend my free time with the actors playing the matured characters. It's amazing, because they are all such famous, great artists and are working on our project, which we did together with Andre and the children. With the new cast, things are completely different. They are all very cool, talented guys and I think they will make a significant contribution to the project”.

The sequel is set to premiere on September 6, 2019. The role of adult Beverly will be played by Jessica Chastain, Bill by James McAvoy, Richie by Bill Hader, Eddie by James Ranson, Stanley by Andy Bean, Ben by Jay Ryan and Mike by Isaiah Mustafa.

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