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Harley Quinn will return to Suicide Squad

Image Extremely conflicting information comes from Warner Bros. Just a few days ago, rumors appeared on the Web that the major was scrapping all film projects with the Joker performed by Jared Leto. At the same time it became known that not only the Clown Prince of the Gotham criminal world, but also his extravagant girlfriend Harley Quinn may remain outside the upcoming sequel to Suicide Squad. Looks like Hollywood insiders were a little wrong in their predictions.

According to new data, the studio is still going to return Quinn to the composition of their supervillain team. Earlier it was reported that "Suicide Squad 2" will be a kind of reboot of the film series. Apparently, the studio bosses do not want to completely change the composition of the Squad and are ready to get rid of only those characters who did not make the proper impression on the audience.

If the studio frankly missed the Joker, then Harley turned out to be one of the main discoveries of "Suicide Squad". Now the heroine Margot Robbie is on her way to becoming a key figure in the DC cinematic universe. The WB management has already involved Quinn in the scenario of the blockbuster "Birds of Prey", and a new meeting with Deadshot and company may await her ahead.


Recall that the work on the second part of "Suicide Squad" will be led by the creator of the "Guardians of the Galaxy" dilogy James Gunn.

Source: Forbes

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