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More Jokers, good and different

Image The Joker is ranked second on IGN's 100 Greatest Comic Book Villains, so it's no surprise that Warner Bros. does not want to part with Batman's main enemy. And it looks like Jared Leto has another reason to dye his green color. According to the Variety website, not only Harley Quinn will now receive their own spin-off, but also her accomplice and lover - the Clown Prince of the underworld himself.

According to the source, the major is developing a project with Leto in the lead role, who first appeared as Joker in Suicide Squad. Jared will also serve as the executive producer of the film. The plot of the upcoming solo album is still unknown, and a scriptwriter for it has not yet been found, but it is reported that in this way the WB bosses intend to expand the world presented in Suicide Squad.

The decision to shoot a solo movie about the Joker, and even with Leto as a cult villain, may seem rather strange. Firstly, not everyone liked the antagonist performed by Jared, although it is worth noting that the screen time in "Suicide Squad" was given to Joker a little. Secondly, WB considered several projects at once related to David Eyre's blockbuster - his sequel, a film about the Joker and Harley, and the Sirens of Gotham City. The fate of the latter two remains in question, and the studio is actively developing Birds of Prey starring Margot Robbie.


Moreover, if everything goes well, movie fans will also see a movie about the Joker, which has nothing to do with the DC universe. Its director, we recall, was appointed Todd Phillips, and the main role in the project was offered to Joaquin Phoenix.

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Author: Jake Pinkman