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Gary Oldman will scare Amy Adams

Image Gary Oldman, who won his first Academy Award this year for his role as Winston Churchill in Joe Wright's Darkest Hours, decided to work with the director again. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the 60-year-old actor will accompany Amy Adams on the set of the thriller Woman in the Window, which Wright is filming based on AJ Finn's book released in January.

The plot of the tape revolves around a woman named Anna Fox, who suffers from a severe form of agoraphobia and often indulges herself with a killer cocktail of alcohol and medications. For several months now, she has not left her home, and when one day she becomes indirectly involved in a crime related to a family in the neighborhood, no one, including the police, wants to believe her. Yes, Anna herself often doubts the reality of what happened ... According to the source, Gary Oldman will play the head of this mysterious family. It also became known earlier that Julianne Moore is negotiating to take part in the filming of "Women in the Window".

The adaptation of the original, which has already become a bestseller, will be done by renowned Hollywood screenwriter and playwright Tracy Letts, and the film will be produced by Scott Rudin and Eli Bush. Gary Oldman's upcoming projects include a political drama called The Laundromat with Meryl Streep.

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Author: Jake Pinkman