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Prying is not good. Trailer ”Women in the Window”

Image Paranoia is a dangerous thing, and the heroine Amy Adams from "The Woman in the Window" in her own skin will feel what it feels like when you saw a crime, but those around you do not believe you. Based on AJ Finn's bestseller, the film is reminiscent of Hitchcock's Gone Girl, The Girl on the Train and The Window to the Courtyard at the same time, which means that viewers should expect a confusing plot and an unexpected ending.

Anna Fox is a child psychologist who has developed a terrible fear of open spaces. Now she spends her days in the apartment and makes herself cocktails of wine and pills. Anna's life takes on new colors after meeting a neighbor across the street, but friendship ends when the woman suddenly disappears. The main character suspects that she has become involved in some kind of game, but no one, not even the police, believes her ...

At the stage of post-production, "The Woman in the Window" ran into difficulties: after test screenings, the Disney studio, which inherited the film from Fox, sent it to filming. The bosses of the House of Mouse were not satisfied with the reaction of the focus groups to the final part of the picture, but hopefully this problem has now been solved. It is worth appreciating the efforts of director Joe Wright ("Dark Times"), if only because Amy Adams played the main role in the thriller, and she had an excellent company: Julianne Moore, Gary Oldman, Jennifer Jason Lee, Anthony Mackie and Wyatt Russell. br />

"The Woman in the Window"
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In USA cinemas "Woman in the Window" will drop in on May 14 next year.

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