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Stanislav Govorukhin died

Image Today at the age of 83 after a long and serious illness, Stanislav Sergeevich Govorukhin, a Soviet and USA director, screenwriter, actor, public and political figure, has died. This was reported by the TASS news agency.

The future filmmaker was born in 1936 in the city of Berezniki, Sverdlovsk region. His father was a Don Cossack who died shortly after the birth of his son, and his mother was a dressmaker. In his youth, Stanislav Sergeevich was not too interested in creativity, and he received a higher education in geology. For about a year, Govorukhin even worked in his specialty, but later he was attracted by the world of cinema. He got a job at the Kazan television studio, and in 1966 he graduated from the directing department of VGIK.

Exactly 20 years Stanislav Sergeevich worked at the "Odessa Film Studio of Feature Films", and in 1987 he switched to "Mosfilm". During his career, Govorukhin shot more than two dozen films. His directorial debut was the drama "Vertical", after the release of which Vladimir Vysotsky, who played the main role, became all-Union fame.


The "Vertical" was followed by "White Explosion", "Angel Day", "The Life and the Amazing Adventures of Robinson Crusoe." Stanislav Sergeevich has repeatedly turned to literary classics: he staged "The Adventures of Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn", "In Search of Captain Grant", "Ten Little Indians". In 1979, the television movie "The Meeting Place Cannot Be Changed" was released, which is rightfully considered the best among Soviet detectives, and one of the main roles in it was played by the same Vysotsky, with whom Govorukhin made friends on the set of "Vertical".

Govorukhin wrote scripts for "Pirates of the XX century", "Moscow evenings", "Voroshilov shooter", which he shot himself, but his creative activity was not limited to this. Despite the fact that Stanislav Sergeevich rarely appeared in the frame, there are many memorable roles on his account. These are General Kutepov in the "Marshal of the Revolution", and Krymov in the "Asse", and the division commander in "Ankor, still anchor!".


The last directorial work of Stanislav Sergeevich was the drama "The End of a Beautiful Epoch", which brought him "Golden Eagle" and "Nika".

The LostFilm.INFO editorial team expresses its sincere condolences to the family and friends of Stanislav Sergeevich Govorukhin.

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