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Actor Stanislav Mikulsky has passed away


Famous Polish actor Stanislav Mikulsky has died. This was announced on his Facebook page by his friend and biographer Krzysztof Genchelevsky.

"Actor of theater and cinema. An icon of Polish cinema. A sensitive, wonderful person. A true friend. He played in six dozen movies. His most famous role is Hans Kloss in the cult television series. He was adored by the audience in Poland and abroad. The winner is numerous. prizes and awards. Always cheerful, open and friendly. He loved to overcome difficulties and solve problems. He loved animals and travel. He gave us all so much joy and happiness, "- says the obituary.

Recall that the Soviet viewers Stanislav Mikulsky was known primarily for the aforementioned series "Stake is greater than life", based on the work of Andrzej Zbych, in which the actor played the role of a Polish intelligence officer in the Nazis' headquarters. The project consisted of 18 episodes, each of which had its own storyline. The directors are Andrzej Konic and Janusz Morgenstern.

Mikulsky also starred in the movies "Liberation: The Battle of Berlin", "From the Bug to the Vistula", "Oath Record" and many others.

One of the last works of the actor was the role in the USA television series "Saboteur".

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Author: Jake Pinkman