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Legend's Farewell and Moomin Rally: Watch This Week

Image Next week, USA distributors will throw fourteen films into battle at once, which promise to give viewers an incredible range of emotions. Film lovers will say goodbye to one of the greatest actors of our time, laugh at the adventures of a French womanizer, experience horror from a visit to a gloomy Irish estate, get acquainted with the history of the Comanches, appreciate the heroism of American tourists, remember children's stories about Moomin trolls and enjoy the compositions of famous musical groups.

Phantom Thread

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In 2007, Paul Thomas Anderson directed The Oil, which won Daniel Day-Lewis the second of his three Oscars. 11 years later, this brilliant duo decided to pamper the audience with another joint project. The drama Phantom Thread will unfold in London in the 1950s, and its protagonist will be a successful fashion designer who falls in love with a young waitress. The film received rave reviews in the press and earned six Oscar nominations. Admirers of the most important of the arts must see Anderson's picture on the big screen to fully enjoy the latest role of the genius Day-Lewis, who has decided to end his distinguished acting career.

"Killing a Sacred Deer"


Fans of psychological horror next week will see the premiere of a new film from another successful filmmaker - the Greeks Yorgos Lanthimos and Eftimis Filippou. Their first collaboration was the drama Lobster, which won three dozen prestigious awards and received an Oscar nomination. Killing a Sacred Deer premiered last May in Cannes, where it won the Best Screenplay prize. In the center of the horror plot will be a heart surgeon who will have to pay a terrible price for the sins of the past.


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A new film directed by "Crazy Heart" and "Black Mass" by Scott Cooper promises to be a pleasant surprise for the audience. Reviewers do not regret flattering words about the adaptation of Donald Stewart's story, and the authoritative edition of Entertainment Weekly even called it the best western since the time of "The Unforgiven". The film takes movie lovers back to 1882 and tells the story of a cavalry officer tasked with bringing a dying Cheyenne chieftain to Montana.



The start of the Olympic figure skating tournament will surely help stir up interest in Oleg Trofim's debut tape about the young queen of ice, who will have to overcome a serious test in her sports career. At the same time, the USA film, of course, will be doomed to be compared with the Hollywood tape "Tonya Against All". Viewers will be able to find out how the USA figure skater will be able to respond to the triple axel of the heroine Margot Robbie on February 14.


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In 2012 Jean Dujardin won an Oscar for his role in The Artist. The Frenchman failed to prove himself properly in Hollywood, but he still remains a big star in his homeland. In the comedy "Heartbreaker" the charming actor appears as an adventurer and womanizer Neuville, who forgets about his promise to write to his beloved Pauline about his travels in the ranks of the Napoleonic army. When the girl begins to go crazy in anticipation of news from the groom, her sister decides to send her letters on behalf of Neville. In Pauline's mind, an image of a fearless hero is drawn, which turns out to be very far from the true nature of Dujardin's character.

"Train to Paris"

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In modern Hollywood, few directors have the same credibility as Clint Eastwood. Only a true film legend could convince Warner Bros. invite non-professional actors into a biographical thriller with a $ 30 million budget. Eastwood believed that the film about three American tourists who in August 2015 prevented a terrorist attack on a train from Amsterdam to Paris would look as believable as possible only if the main roles in it were played by direct participants in those events.


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The coming week will be a real Oscar-winning parade. Adrian Brody, who won a gold statuette for his role in The Pianist, will play the lead role in the noir thriller based on the crime novel by Collin Harrison "The Manhattan Nocturne". In the film by Brian DeKabellis, the actor will appear in the guise of a New York journalist who takes on the investigation of the mysterious murder of a successful filmmaker.


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Fans of horror films will be able to tickle their nerves at a session of Brian O'Malley's gothic horror about a brother and sister who become the heirs of an old family estate. According to all the laws of the genre, an ancient evil awakens in an ominous house. The otherworldly inhabitants of the estate set three conditions for the new tenants - to go to bed before midnight, not to let strangers into the house and not to try to escape ...



Recently, USA filmmakers have begun to indulge the public with social dramas more and more often. Debutant director Valeria Surkova will tell the audience about the representatives of a dysfunctional family, in whose life dramatic changes will take place when their grandmother returns from a ten-year journey to holy places. The tape has already won several awards at USA film screenings and received an honorary diploma from the 39th Moscow International Film Festival.

"The Tiger Is Alive"

In the 21st century, Indian cinema has ceased to be associated exclusively with musical films and began to confidently enter the world arena. Six years ago, Yash Raj Films released the spy thriller Once Upon a Time, a Tiger, about the adventures of the elusive super agent nicknamed the Tiger. His sequel will be released in USA next week, which has already earned over $ 87 million and entered the top ten highest grossing Indian films in history.

"Let's Wave to the Moon" and "Moomins and a Winter's Tale"

Even the youngest spectators can count on going to the cinema. Puerto Rican animators will delight the kids with a comic adaptation of the adventures of an anthropomorphic condor, who will have to save earthlings from evil aliens. Finnish animators, in turn, will present to the public another cartoon about the adventures of funny creatures from Tove Jansson's children's books. This time, the Moomin trolls will decide to abandon the tradition of hibernating in order to better explore this amazing time of the year.

"SOS to the sailor!" and "We are X"

In the meantime, NevaFilm Emotion is preparing to release a documentary phantasmagoria about the adventures of a domestic fan of Jansson's creativity - the soloist of "Mumiy Troll" Ilya Lagutenko. A documentary about one of the leaders of modern Japanese heavy metal - the group X Japan - promises to be a wonderful gift for music lovers.

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