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A film based on the ”Land of God” comic

Image The Hollywood Reporter reports that comic book writer Donnie Cates and artist Joff Shaw, inspired by the success of the Thanos graphic novels for Marvel, turned their eyes to Hollywood to film their God Country comic, published by Image Comics. The rights to their creation were acquired by Legendary Entertainment and AfterShock Media.

Published in 2017, the six issues of "Land of God" were created in the fantasy genre and tell about an elderly widower from Texas suffering from senile dementia. Once he, having fallen into the epicenter of a tornado that destroyed his house, was surprised to find that the disease had receded thanks to the power of the magic sword he found. However, not everything is so simple: the power given to the protagonist is necessary to fight the otherworldly creatures that have flooded Texas in search of the same sword.

Cates himself is adapting the printed original into film format, which will be the second collaboration between Legendary and AfterShock. The start date of filming has not yet been announced.

The Topic of Article: A film based on the ”Land of God” comic.
Author: Jake Pinkman