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Is Enterprise missing people?

Image There are several Star Trek franchise projects under development at Paramount, and one of them, the sequel to Infinity, ran into a serious problem. In Part 4, Captain James Kirk, played by Chris Pine, had to travel back in time and face his father, George Kirk, played by Chris Hemsworth in 2009 Star Trek. However, according to The Hollywood Reporter, Pine and Hemsworth may even be left out of the Enterprise.

The source writes that both actors were to sign new agreements with Paramount and Skydance Media. The parties even sat down at the negotiating table, which was not crowned with success, as Pine and Hemsworth did not agree with the studio bosses on the issue of finance. Both Chris, according to insiders, would like to adhere to existing contracts, but Paramount management has its own opinion on this matter. Major intends to fit within the planned budget and believes that the Star Trek franchise is not as successful as the same Marvel films. The actors, in turn, feel that they are literally being forced to agree to cut fees due to the results of Infinity. Recall that the film raised $ 343 million with a budget of $ 190 million.

The rest of the Star Trek cast - Zoe Saldana, Zachary Quinto, Karl Urban, Simon Pegg and John Cho - are expected to sign new agreements with the studio. SJ Clarkson ("Jessica Jones") will be in charge of the shooting.


Pine and Hemsworth signed up to take part in the filming of the fourth part a long time ago: Pine was still in preparation for work on the triquel of the rebooted film series, and Hemsworth in 2016. Unless they come to a compromise with Paramount, the creators of Star Trek 4 will find themselves in a quandary. Are they ready to make a movie without Captain Kirk? Or will they decide on an even more risky move - will they find another actor for his role? So far, both of these scenarios don't look too rosy for Star Trek fans.

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Author: Jake Pinkman