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The Enterprise takes off

Image The financial results of the blockbuster "Star Trek: Infinity" were far from the dreams of the studio Paramount, but the major still launched the fourth part of the revived franchise. Chris Hemsworth's George Kirk was scheduled to return in a quadriquel, with a female director for the first time in Star Trek history. As a result, director SJ Clarkson switched to another project, the bosses of Paramount could not agree with Hemsworth and Chris Pine, and Star Trek 4 was paused. It looks like it's time to get back on board the Enterprise.

Noah Hawley, creator of such successful series as Fargo and Legion, has been appointed as the new director and screenwriter for the fourth part. The plot of the film is not known, but Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto, Zoe Saldana, John Cho and Karl Urban are expected to return to their roles.

When information was leaked to the press that Paramount could not agree with Hemsworth and Pine, it was reported that the main stumbling block between the studio and the actors was the size of the fees. Hemsworth later admitted that he did not like the script for the quad and that the return of Kirk Sr. is meaningless. It seems that the major listened to this point of view and, according to rumors, abandoned the storyline with Hemsworth's hero. Another project from the Star Trek universe is being prepared by Quentin Tarantino, but his adult R-rated spin-off will have nothing to do with the fourth part.


As successful as Noah Hawley's career in television, his directorial debut in films was just as unsuccessful. The fantastic drama "Lucy in Heaven" earned mostly negative reviews, and in the United States it was released only in limited release and in the first weekend raised only $ 54 thousand, but the management of Paramount, it seems, sees great potential in Hawley, since they entrusted him to work on such a popular franchise like Star Trek.

Source: Deadline

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