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Wahlberg in Wonderland

Image Apparently, Mark Wahlberg and Peter Berg will never get tired of working together. Only yesterday we reported that their film "22 Miles" will receive a sequel, and now The Hollywood Reporter has managed to get information about the next joint project of the duo. It will be the screen version of the detective novel Wonderland * for the online service Netflix.

The streaming platform continues to expand its portfolio of movie projects featuring Hollywood stars. So, in addition to Wahlberg and Berg, Neil H. Moritz will also be producing the new film, whose track record includes such popular franchises as Fast and Furious, Three X's, Macho and Nerd.

The tape is an adaptation of the series of works about the private detective Spencer by Robert B. Parker. After the death of the writer, the series was continued by Ace Atkins, and now it has more than 40 works, that is, if Netflix is successful, it will certainly not be limited to one film. According to the plot, the main character just got out of prison, but was immediately drawn into the underworld of Boston due to the investigation of a sensational murder. The script was written by Sean O'Keefe.


Wonderland could be Wahlberg and Berg's fifth collaboration after Survivor, Horizon Deep, Patriot Day, and the aforementioned 22 Mile action. The latter will open in USA cinemas on 23 August. Wahlberg also starred in the comedy Instant Family *, but it will be released next year.

* - preliminary translation.

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