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Mark Wahlberg will work for the CIA

Image As reported by The Hollywood Reporter , STX Entertainment has invited Peter Berg to lead the action movie Mile 22 . Mark Wahlberg is in talks with the film company about the main role in the film.

The script was written by Graham Roland (Lost / Lost , Beyond the Boundary / Fringe ). In the center of the plot -an agent of the Indonesian department of the CIA, who, together with a compromised informant, must make a 22-mile journey from the city center to a plane prepared for escape. On the way to the airport, the operative and informant will have to face the corrupt police, crime bosses and heavily armed local residents.

The cast has already been joined by Rhonda Rosie (Fast and Furious 7) and Iko Weiss (Raid).


Wahlberg and Berg have been asked to take over the production functions with Graham Roland and Stephen Levinson.

Mark and Peter already have experience collaborating on the war drama Survivor. They are currently filming Underwater Horizon, and their upcoming plans include a remake of The Six Million Dollar Man.


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Author: Jake Pinkman