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Mark Wahlberg is targeting director

Image Now Mark Wahlberg shines on the big screens in the new film by Ridley Scott, the drama "All the money in the world", and the comedy "Hello, Dad, New Year! 2 ”almost finished its rental, earning $ 168 million. In the summer, Wahlberg also made an appearance in the fifth“ Transformers ”, but it seems that now the actor is ready to explore new professional horizons for him.

Boogie Nights by Paul Thomas Anderson was a breakthrough in Wahlberg's career, and the actor has been torn between blockbusters and smaller dramas for the past two decades. He has already been nominated for an Oscar twice: the first time for his role in The Departed, the second as one of the creators of The Fighter. However, Mark could not get the coveted statuette. In addition, Wahlberg is also involved in producing projects, more often in cooperation with his friend and longtime colleague Peter Berg.

In an interview with Collider, Wahlberg admitted that he is ready to try his hand at directing, and this will probably happen next year. The actor did not disclose the details of his debut film, saying only that it will be based on real events, and the action will unfold in Wisconsin. True, Wahlberg showed the script to his friend Berg and now fears that he himself will want to lead the shooting.


Considering that in recent years Wahlberg most often tried on the images of heroes who got into dangerous situations, it can be assumed that he will choose a film of a similar theme as his directorial debut, but perhaps the actor will nevertheless decide to leave his comfort zone and try his hand at a comedy genre.

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Author: Jake Pinkman