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Animated Oscars have been announced


In Los Angeles, announced the list of winners of the Annie Awards, which is awarded by the American division of the International Association of Animators and is considered an analogue of the Oscars in this professional environment.

Rango was named Best Feature Film of the Year, and The Simpsons was named Best Animated TV Production for a General Audience.

best animation effects in a feature movie " won the Industrial Light & Magic, who designed the video for the third part of `` Transformers '' .

In the category Best Character Animation in a Feature Cartoon the winner of the Annie Awards was Rio, in a similar confrontation, but already among the fiction movies, the project Rise of the Planet of the Apes won.

Jennifer Yu, who created Kung Fu Panda 2, was named the best director of a full-length cartoon.

Composer John Williams won nominated for Best Soundtrack to a full-length cartoon.

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