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Puzzle won major Annie Awards


In the USA, the ceremony of awarding the International Society of Animators Annie Awards, which are called the "Animated" Oscars, took place. The cartoon "Puzzle" became the absolute leader in the number of awards, which won ten nominations, including "Best Animated Feature Film", " Best Animated Feature Director (Pete Docter), Best Animated Feature Screenplay (Pete Docter, Josh Cooley, Mag LeFow) and many others.

"The Simpsons" (episode "Halloween of Horror") won the nomination "Best Television Animation Project for a General Audience". In the Best Animated Animation category, the award went to The Good Dinosaur.

The award for Best Animated Feature Feature Film went to Marvel Studios who designed the Sokovia Crush episode from Avengers 2: Age of Ultron.

The award went to the creators of Judy the bear in The Survivor for Best Animated Feature Film.

The Annie Awards were presented for the 43rd time. Note that the winner of this award in the category of full-length cartoons usually then receives an Oscar.

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