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Kate Beckinsale Returns to Another World


Kate Beckinsale will return to the Underworld franchise that made her famous. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the actress will play in the fifth episode of the movie about the confrontation between vampires and werewolves.

Previously it was stated that the fifth movie will be a spin-off, and the plot is built around a vampire named David, who was played by actor Theo James in the movie "Underworld 4: Awakening". Apparently, the producers of the project decided to reduce financial risks and return its main character. James himself will also take part in the movie.

Another World 5 is directed by Anna Foerster, who previously worked with Roland Emmerich as director of photography. Filming is due to start in autumn 2015 in Prague.

Recall that the first movie in the series was directed by Kate Beckinsale's husband Len Wiseman and released in 2003. Several sequels followed. All parts except the fourth were successful at the box office. The latter earned only $ 160 million on a production budget of $ 70 million.

As for Kate Beckinsale, in 2015 viewers will be able to see the actress in a comedy called "Whatever You Want", which is scheduled to premiere in August.

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