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Kate Beckinsale will play in Another World again


Despite Lakeshore Entertainment's plans to release a spin-off of the popular movie franchise "Underworld", director Len Wiseman intends to make at least one more movie in which viewers will see Celina performed by Kate Beckinsale again. BloodyDisgusting reports this with reference to an interview with the director.

Moreover, according to the director, fans of the story of the confrontation between vampires and werewolves are waiting for a television series on this topic. "So we're going to expand this universe in different directions. All of this is currently in development," he added.

Recall that the first movie in the series, in which the main role was played by Kate Beckinsale, was released in 2003. It was followed by several sequels, the most recent of which, Underworld 4: Awakening, became the most successful part of the franchise, earning $ 160 million worldwide.

As for the spin-off, its plot will revolve around a vampire named David, played by Theo James in Underworld 4: Awakening. It is quite possible that his hero will be accompanied by the hybrid daughter of Corvin and Selina. Filming is due to start in spring 2015. The date of the premiere of the movie project with the working title "Another World: A New Generation" has not yet been specified.

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Author: Jake Pinkman