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Joss Whedon to movie Batgirl


Joss Whedon decided to change employers. In any case, this is evidenced by the information disseminated by The Wrap. His sources claim that the creator of "The Avengers" intends to movie for the studios DC Films and Warner Bros. Batgirl story.

Note that the latter debuted in comics about 50 years ago. The real name of the heroine is Barbara Gordon, she was the adopted daughter of the commissioner of the Gotham Police Department, James Gordon. From a young age she was a fan of Batman and tried to imitate him .. Once she managed to help Bruce Wayne, and he decided to invite her to the team of defenders of Gotham.

Among its distinctive features are a high level of intelligence, excellent mastery of hand-to-hand combat techniques, familiarity with all types of edged weapons. Also Barbara Gordon is a talented hacker.

Batgirl has already appeared in the Batman series and in the movie Batman & Robin, although in the latter she was introduced as the niece of Wayne's butler Alfred.

The terms of work and the possible rental schedule of the picture at the time of this writing were not specified. Recall that Whedon's last directorial work was the movie "Avengers 2: Age of Ultron", released in 2015 and earning over a billion dollars.

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