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Transformers Spin-off Writer Adapts Batgirl Story

Image At the end of February, Joss Whedon admitted that he was too tough to work on "Batgirl", after which he left the project, leaving the director and screenwriter jobs empty in anticipation of worthy candidates. A month and a half later, Warner Bros. and DC have found a new contender for the adaptation of the Barbara Gordon story - Christina Hodson.

When Whedon first left the project, writer Roxanne Gay offered the studio her services as a screenwriter, tweeting: "Hey, I can create a story for your Batgirl, no problem." The answer was not long in coming: Michelle Wells, Vice President of DC Films, left her email address under the record, but apparently the parties could not agree.

Hodson has already dealt with superheroes while working on the adaptation of the Birds of Prey comic. She wrote the screenplay for the drama "Locked Up" with Naomi Watts and had a hand in the thriller "Obsession" with Rosario Dawson. Hodson's piggy bank also includes the action movie Bumblebee, the upcoming Transformers spin-off starring Hayley Steinfeld and John Cena.


The key character in Batgirl is to be Barbara Gordon, daughter of Police Commissioner James Gordon and assistant to the Dark Knight of Gotham. How the studio plans to introduce the heroine into the expanded DC universe and what place she will take there is still unknown.

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Author: Jake Pinkman