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Ryan Reynolds will play Pokemon Pikachu


Based on the Pokemon series, Detective Pikachu has seen an impressive addition. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Ryan Reynolds agreed to play one of the key roles in the movie. According to the plot, the father of the young hero, whose role will be played by the actor Justice Smith, familiar to fans of the TV series "The Burnout", is kidnapped, and he is forced to resort to the help of Detective Pikachu to find him. into the image of Pikachu, which will be created using image capture technologies and computer graphics. The screenplay will be directed by Nicole Perlman and Alex Hirsch, who previously worked on the adaptation of the Marvel comics about Guardians of the Galaxy. The director's chair will be taken by Rob Letterman, the creator of the popular cartoons "The Underwater Lads" and "

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Author: Jake Pinkman