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Adult pike-pike. Detective Pikachu Trailer

Image Want to experience the triumph of harmony between humans and Pokemon? Such an opportunity will soon be provided to us by the Legendary and Warner Bros. studios, but for now you can evaluate the first dubbed trailer of the feature-length feature film "Pokemon: Detective Pikachu", the main character of which speaks in the voice of Deadpool, that is Ryan Reynolds. The filming was headed by Rob Letterman, who was behind the creation of "The Underwater Lads" and "Monsters Against Aliens."

In the center of the plot is a well-thinking Pokemon Pikachu, who suffers from the fact that no one understands his fancy language. He tries to convey his thoughts to the world, but the world hears only the trademark "peak-peak". One day, Pikachu was lucky enough to meet a guy named Tim Goodman - the only one who understood what the Pokemon was saying. At first, Tim was not happy with this meeting, but then he realized that they would make a great team, and with the help of Pikachu, Goodman could finally find his father, who was once a legend of the local police station, and at the same time unravel other complex cases. ..

Note that the trailer has already become a sensation, collecting more than ten million views on various platforms. So the management of Nintendo, which is very reluctant to part with the rights to film adaptation of its projects, can breathe a little - this "Pokemon" is unlikely to fail at the box office.

Dubbed trailer

The chatty yellow detective will make a rustle on our screens next May.

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