The main thing with Night City Wire, SEGA is porting more of its games to PC - game news digest №2.08. Part one (Topic)

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The main thing with Night City Wire, SEGA is porting more of its games to PC - game news digest №2.08. Part one


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Becoming Samurai: New Details on Cyberpunk 2077 from the New Night City Wire Release

This Monday, the next episode of Night City Wire, dedicated to Cyberpunk 2077, took place. This time, the information touched on weapons, details of the backstory of V, as well as Refused, who perform tracks by Samurai in the game.


Weapon Trailer & Info

During the release, Pavel Kapala, senior gameplay designer at CD Projekt Red, told the details about the arsenal that we will use. There are three main types of firearms in the game:

  • Tech is a weapon that uses electromagnetic energy, thanks to which the projectiles gain high speed and have great destructive power. They are perfect for battling large enemies and for breaking through cover.
  • Power - Similar to the real type of weapon, however, their projectiles can ricochet off different surfaces.
  • Smart - This weapon type fires guided projectiles.

Besides the fact that we will be able to buy weapons from merchants, premium and special weapons will get to us as trophies after major skirmishes, as well as from the found caches. When pumping V, it increases shooting accuracy, reload speed, and so on.

The game designer says that the game implements a system with weapons from common to legendary. To get legendary weapons, you will have to make sacrifices, for example, kill someone from the characters you like.

There are two types of modifications available for weapons:

  • Software are chips that change the characteristics of the barrel, for example, increase damage or hit accuracy, etc. Plus the security allows you to choose which rounds to fire.
  • Attachments - modules by the type of scopes, enlarged magazines. In other words, anything that can be removed and hung on a cannon.

Of the interesting types of weapons, in addition to those shown in the trailer, they also mentioned a shotgun with eight barrels, which hits eight different targets, a sniper rifle with cartridges that break through walls and a shotgun that can cut the enemy in half. New details about the V path

The fact that the main character V will have several life paths at the beginning of the game is not a secret. We can act out a nomad, a corporation or a child of the streets. Each scenario has a different story about how V met his partner Jackie.


More details about what role the chosen path will play, said the head of the quest design Philip Weber:

  • Your choice of role directly affects the events of the prologue. For example, being nomads, V will have to look for a way to get to Night City, when V corporation or V child of the streets will already begin their journey in the city.
  • V's past influences the present, for example, V corporation is able to see through the true intentions of other representatives of the corporation, and a child of the streets can more easily agree on something with bandits.
  • The wasteland will always be available for visiting, and you don't have to choose the nomad's path for this.

The role of the Swedish group Refused in creating the game

A separate trailer tells how the Swedes write music for the fictional band Joni Silverhand. The trailer also makes it clear that we will be able to play not only for V, but also for the vocalist of the group, who is also the main enemy of the Arasaka Corporation.

Plus they introduced a new Samurai song - A like Supreme.

SEGA is looking to port more of its games to PC following its success with Persona 4

If you dream of seeing Persona 5 on PC or the next parts of Yakuza Kiwami - everything is just ahead, since Sega, after successes with the port of Persona 4 on PC, decided to port more of its games to the boyar platform.

SEGA President and Vice President Haruki Satomi and Koichi Fukazawa talked about this during a conversation with investors.

Due to the fact that the game was highly praised and had a low price, it sold in much larger volumes than expected. The company continues to work on porting games released to Steam, and is also negotiating with platform holders about future releases and sales of games on favorable terms. Plus, the company intends to prepare all the next games taking into account the PC version from the very beginning of development.

As a reminder, by the end of last month, Persona 4 sold 13 million copies.

Unchanged Street Fighter Producer Leaves Capcom

Yoshinori Ono has served as a Street Fighter Producer for 30 years. He announced on Twitter this week that he is leaving Capcom.

In a tweet, he tweeted that having worked on Street Fighter for such a long time, he has experienced ups and downs, but his heart is still grateful to those players who have supported the franchise over the past 10 years and helped to strengthen it.


Ono began working on the series in the 90s as the sound engineer for Street Fighter. In addition, he was the producer of many other games like Monster Hunter and Darkstalkers. He also ran the Capcom Vancouver studio that developed Dead Rising.

New Xbox controller found mention of Lockhart

There are constant rumors on the Internet that Microsoft is preparing two consoles for release: the already announced XSX and its budget version called Lockhart. But if we know a lot about the first one, then the second one is still a ghostly console. However, information about it was found in a new controller for XSX.

Some insiders managed to get a new version of the "robotic-white" controller that will replace the Xbox One controller.


The box of the device mentions that it is compatible with XOne, Win 10, Android, iOS, as well as with Xbox Series X and Series S. The name XSS has not been mentioned anywhere before, however, this is most likely what Lockhart is .


Remarkably, one of the lucky ones says he bought a gamepad for $ 35 from OfferUp. How the next generation controller got there at such a low price is a mystery.

However, this incident, according to game analysts, is indicative, and during August we will be shown a budget version of the console.

Bethesda gives Quake II and Quake III Arena to celebrate QuakeCon at Home

After QuakeCon at Home [digital QuakeCon] ends, you can grab Part 2 and Part 3 of the series for free.

Two games became a gift in honor of the fact that the players raised $ 30,000 for charity. Games can be picked up within 72 hours from Quake II will go free from August 12th to 15th, and Quake III Arena from August 17th to 20th.


These were all the important news from the beginning of the week, stay tuned.

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