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Main films of May 2018 - Premiere calendar


Let's face it, April was one of the most disappointing months for moviegoers. We have not seen a single really large and interesting premiere in cinemas, the film companies seem to have decided to hold on to their major hits until May. And here already - beware, an avalanche of May film premieres can make even a person indifferent to cinema get up from his chair, get some popcorn and go to the nearest cinema.

In our list of top films in May 2018, we tried to include not only famous Hollywood blockbusters, but also potential box office hits from USA directors.

Avengers Infinity War

Premiere: May 3

In the endless stream of superhero blockbusters, it is quite difficult to find a real gem, a film that would move the entire genre of entertainment cinema forward. And the Avengers Era of Infinity - it may well become such a motion picture. In USA, the premiere of the Avengers lagged behind the American one by one week. Is it bad? Not at all.

Thanks to numerous reviews of the new blockbuster Marvel, the question "to go or not go to the new Avengers" is becoming rhetorical. We've already told you with what delight the oversaturated Hollywood film critics received the new blockbuster, so get ready. If you are a fan of large-scale action movies and want to see how the Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy work together, then we highly recommend not skipping one of the main premieres of this year.

On our site you can also find out some interesting facts about the film, as well as about the main villain - Thanos. No wonder he is called one of the most powerful characters in the Marvel Universe.

Isle of Dogs

Premiere: May 3

Not delighted with the noisy Hollywood films, but is the next story about superheroes in multi-colored tights making you bored? Then on May 3 you can go to the film "Isle of Dogs" - the new work of one of the most non-trivial American directors - Wes Anderson.

The cartoon, as befits a director's work, opposes itself to the mainstream and takes the viewer into a unique world, where a touching and philosophical plot coexists with an unusual visual series.

Regarding the picture, it is worth mentioning separately: the director abandoned standard computer graphics and revived the characters using puppet animation. Agree, today this is a bold decision that gives the cartoon a special charm and brings back memories of Soviet animation masterpieces.


Premiere: May 3

We do not know what motives the USA film distributors were guided by when they set the date for the premiere of Sobibor on the same day as the new Avengers, but the fact is fact. The third option, which goes to cinemas on May 3 - Sobibor, telling stories of the resistance of Soviet prisoners in one of the Nazi concentration camps.

What to expect from the film is still a mystery. No, the story itself about the heroic Soviet people against the Nazi machine, considering the prisoners of concentration camps as subhuman, is quite commonplace. But the quality of the script implementation can also cause problems.

Sobibor is Khabensky's first debut in the director's chair, so you can equally expect a good movie or total disappointment.

Taxi 5

Premiere: May 10

The French film industry regularly pleases with high-quality dramas, but without much experience in shooting blockbusters, it has only a few well-known major film franchises. One of these is the Taxi tetralogy.

The continuation of the popular series of films will return to our screens very soon, but there is no particular reason for joy. The project was directed by Frank Gastambid, who previously distinguished himself only by acting in mediocre comedies, and from the director's work, only Pepsi commercials can be remembered. Well, not a particularly inspiring track record, so critics, as expected, blew the film to shreds after a private screening.

On the positive side, only the participation of a couple of stars of the movie saga, known to us from the previous parts of the film: Eduard Montatou and Bernard Fars, can be noted.

Deadpool 2

Premiere: May 17

For all adult moviegoers in May, there will be another superhero and highly anticipated premiere - Deadpool 2. The film should be another slap in the face for all Hollywood blockbusters and offer a vinaigrette of brutal murder scenes, banter humor and breaking the 4th wall.

In terms of dynamics and effectively staged action scenes, the film should even surpass the original, because the director was replaced by David Leitch, known for the first part of John Wick. We're expecting a perfect sequel, as Deadpool was an experimental cinematic to see if modern audiences can flock to mature movies.

The experiment was successful, and therefore the film will have more budget, more events, more silly jokes and more violence. Everything as you love or, on the contrary, hate.


Premiere: May 17

The black horse of our top major films in May, which attracted attention thanks to three things: stylish visuals, the involvement of Margot Robbie aka Harley Quinn and, of course, the provocative title.

The title is generally a funny story: initially the distributors wanted to name the film "Ultimate", which corresponds to the original "Terminal", but viewers were often confused and called the film "Ultimate". The distributors did not think twice about changing the title, because the client's desire, as you know, is the law.

The plot of the film tells the story of a simple waitress played by Margot Robie, who, using her appearance, charms men and pits them against each other. Hmm, who knows, maybe the USA distributors have picked the perfect title for the film. Be that as it may, Margot Robbie already knows how to play the role of dangerous seducers, so perhaps we will have an unofficial spin-off about Harley Quinn in a retrowave entourage.

Han Solo Star Wars Tales

Premiere: May 24

Another film in a famous film franchise, which is worth taking note of, even if you: a) consider Hollywood films to be low-quality crafts; b) spitting on Disney movies; c) do not tolerate all the products under the name "Star Wars". The point is that the project was directed by Ron Howard, who has extensive experience in filming films with a large budget, an abundance of actions, but not at the expense of the meaningfulness of the script. What are only "Race" and "Mind Games".

Disney is so confident in the quality of the novelty that they will even hold a premiere screening of the film in Cannes, where large projects with an abundance of special effects are treated with extreme skepticism.

In terms of the plot, a chamber story awaits us, which will tell about the formation of Han Solo and his transformation into one of the most famous galactic smugglers. Of course, the film will be true to its origins and will delight fans with the appearance of the Millennium Falcon and the permanent partner of the famous smuggler - Chewbacca.


Premiere: May 25

Fantastic USA films are not a frequent guest in our cinemas. It seems that 14 years have passed since the release of "The Night Watch", and domestic filmmakers can still oppose anything worthwhile to Hollywood blockbusters. And it's not even about the special effects or the budget, in terms of script work and production, USA directors are infinitely behind their overseas colleagues.

It is difficult to say whether the new film based on the book by Sergei Lukyanenko - "Draft" can pleasantly surprise us. But close-ups with outdated computer graphics and cyber nesting dolls are already causing concern.

If you prefer serials to movies, then we suggest that you familiarize yourself with our preliminary review of the series based on the saga of The Witcher.

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