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Watching this year's major movie premiere of Avengers: Infinity War, it's hard not to be surprised at how realistic CGVs have become. Sometimes it is even difficult to determine where the special effects are and where the real picture is. This feature is clearly manifested in the new video from Framestore studio, which clearly demonstrates the difference between "before and after" the use of computer graphics.

Almost every shot of the last "Avengers" is full of special effects, so it took about a dozen VFX-studios responsible for creating computer effects. One of them was Weta Digital, which provided a detailed analysis of the creation of special effects for the film, and also separately reviewed the scene of the battle with Thanos.

Thanos has appeared in a series of Marvel films before, but due to his antagonist role in Avengers: Infinity War, VFX studios have had to work hard on his appearance in each of the 600 frames in which he appears in the film. To make the character more alive, the distinctive features of actor Josh Brolin, who played Thanos, have been preserved on his face, such as reddish skin, cheeks, forehead, upper lip and protruding chin. This approach helped to make Thanos 'facial animations more realistic, as Thanos' new appearance was synchronized with Josh Brolin's.

Thanos. Avengers: Infinity War Movie

Additionally, Weta Digital shared some interesting facts about the creation of the fantasy world of the planet Titan. For example, the developers took inspiration from photographs of destroyed structures of the ancient Greeks and Maya peoples to create similar scenes on Titan with the ruins of extinct civilizations. Or Peter Parker's metal suit, which is made entirely of computer effects, since reflections on real metal stood out strongly against the background of special effects.

Avengers: Infinity War premiered on May 3, and everyone who missed out on cinemas has an opportunity to catch up with the Blu-Ray version of the film, released on August 14. You can find out what the future holds for the Avengers series in our separate article - Postinfinity.

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Author: Jake Pinkman